Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's Your Beef?

Hey Recall Signatories

Some unit members don't understand why do you want to recall TAL Officers. Is this a power grab?

Picking and choosing who you talk to or who gets to see the petition can make you look secretive.  Why didn't the petition make it to every site?

Maybe there's just one really unhappy and dysfunctional site in the district.  If you really had a beef with TAL Leadership, why not just attend Rep Council and let them know your concerns? 

If you're not willing to share your concerns openly, then it looks like you just have a personality conflict with TAL Officers, and nothing more serious.

Who will start this blog going to express a personal opinion on why YOU want to recall TAL Officers.

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  1. Let me be the first to follow and leave a comment. How dare the board shut down the main mean of communication with the members? Just who do they think they are?

    I have many beefs with the exec. board, starting from a few years ago, when the president made an inappropriate remark regarding the rifs and layoffs that took place. Her comment had to do with the great number of teachers being laid off and she basically said that everybody else who was not being laid off should have been thankful to the board for saving his/her job. That was the wrong attitude to have during such a difficult time

    Another of my beefs has to do with the secrecy, disinterest, lack of transparency and 'good ol' boy network' perception that the exec. board has had for years now. In the years I have been employed for LSD, I have never seen the president, vice president or any other board member out to my site, even when we had some serious issues with management.

    However, the biggest beef has to do with this year's contract. We at the middle school sites have lost the additional PN day written in as an MOU, that was negotiated two years ago to make up for the additional instructional time that was added to our workload. In addition, the contract also increased the number of meetings we have to attend.
    I would like to know exactly what we gained in return. With the threat of duties and a shorter pay schedule, the DO managed to get all of that out of us. If the board present at the negotiation table bought the story of the expense of having to keep a 12 month pay schedule, I have a bridge in Arizona I'd like them to buy.

    My list goes on, and it has to do with the close relationship between the president and the asst. superintendent; relationship which has been deemed as such by the president herself. Such 'chumminess' with the opposition not only seems wrong, IT IS WRONG. The president of the association should not have an office in the DO building. I don't care how much it facilitates communication between the two sides, it sends the wrong message and give people the right to start asking questions.

    The superintendent's raise fiasco is another reason why I believe it is time for a change. Whether justified or not, the raise given the superintendent at such a negative economic time sent the message that the school's board does not care about teachers or students, but only about management. Applauding such a move sent the same message.

    This list is not exhaustive, I could go on for a while, but I feel this should explain my position regarding the recall.The audacity and bold disregard for the association the TAL exec. board has been capable of recently has to stop. They represent us, they do not own us; as our representatives they must do our will, not their own.